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                    New Hyde Sails, & Repair's in Galway City.

                      Tent repairs / zip,s / replacement to window canopy,s / boat covers / bags / surf kites repairs / coffee shop wind breaker,s                         


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (  Glendy Cullen"   below , a small Sailmaker,  with big brand Names  

A  keen sailor, has over 30 year,s at sea, but now,  a bit more lay back.  But, we still have a passion for sewing, whatever the project. This set,s us apart from other sailmaker,s.   And in this ever changeing business, we try to match our customers needs, from sails, to garden shades, seat covers, & awnings.


                      We Are Authorized Distributors of HYDE Sails in the Republic of Ireland.                                                                         Enquiries to,    087-9613155    or   Email 



        Surf kites repaired, with the same porfessional service, @ half the cost,  Please note.                                                                                          ( kite,s must be dry to work on)
             Call   ,  087 9613155 any time,   ( except 3 am  )

                  GPS N. 53,17,203  W. 009,00,984.  eircode H91 DT9T 

Hyde Sails is famed for its ability to produce consistently accurate one-design sails and supplies some of the biggest dinghy manufacturers in the world. Sails manufactured by Hyde Sails have been used by medal winners at every games since 1968. 
Extensive design and testing paired with high quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques have been a hallmark for Hyde Sails continued success in One Design allowing us to create sails that are durable, reliable, and fast.      ( Hyde sails )


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                                        Glendy, working on a head sail that is 68 Sqm in size.  Now thats a big sail .

                                                   ​                                                                                 ( We have the use of a 4.500 Sq ft  floor area to lay out big Sails from time to time )  


                        Boat cover's & Traditional sails for An Bad Mor , all hand made by Glendy Cullen in Galway.

                                   ( Best to Ring, for collection or delivery of good,s 087-9613155 )