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                                                                 We don't claim to have the biggest sail loft in Ireland !

                                                                                   We just charge realistic prices,                                                     

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      Have your kite's repaired here,     ( Same day service.)      ( with many happy customers  to date. )                                                               

                             All from Galway,s only Native sailmaker, & distributor of Hyde Sails Ireland.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks to all our customers who ordered new sails for 2015 .                                                                                                                                                     


Hyde Touring sails are designed for coastal cruising. The fore and aft sails are cross cut from a durable woven polyester which will give the sail a long useful life. The material is the best in the class of basic cruising sailcloths. These sails are priced as our entry level specification but still made to the usual Hyde High standard of Quality so you get a Hyde sail at a Budget price.


 Some of our other services  /  UV Strip replacement / surf kite repairs  / All  Industrial sewing   / sail bags & Boomcovers  /  Boat covers  /    Zip replacement,s  /              Tent repairs  / pvc window replacement  / Spray Hood & repairs  /   Sun Shades  /   New sail  range,  from our Touring        Voyager Cruise ,   Voyager Ocean  ,  To  Grand    Prix race sails.                        

Hyde Sails is famed for its ability to produce consistently accurate one-design sails and supplies some of the biggest dinghy manufacturers in the world. Sails manufactured by Hyde Sails have been used by medal winners at every games since 1968. 
Extensive design and testing paired with high quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques have been a hallmark for Hyde Sails continued success in One Design allowing us to create sails that are durable, reliable, and fast.  ( Hyde sails )


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Glendy Cullen
Traditional Sailmaker,
26 Tone Ave,
Old Mervue
Galway City.

GPS   N 53, 17, 199.    W 009, 00, 975.

t:  091 771 991 /     m:  087 9613155       e:mail

Hyde Sail Loft Cebu,  where all sails are manufactured & delivered to your door.


                                               Boat cover's made by Glendy Cullen